Thérèse-Marie Rossi a Belgian artist. Graduated from the painting department of the Beaux Arts school of Mons, she first carries out intense pictorial research where colour and its texture are the major concern.

She primarily focuses on daily life and shows the people around her and their habits. The techniques she develops, often in gouache or coloured pencils, explore the notion of portrait in the broad sense. Those human figures are inspired by amateur photographs, namely selfies, whose impulsiveness and familiar aspect are transposed by the artist.
Meanwhile, Thérèse-Marie develops a practice of illustrator for young readers and takes part in several worshops in Brussels in order to refine her knowledge. She then produces stories for chlidren and teenagers where a sensisitve, mysterious and dreamlike universe prevails.
Fonds of sewing from a young age, she is interested in textile design and trains for this in 2017, adding to her other fields of expertise and strengthening the bonds with visual arts. The primary search for colour and substance comes back at the very heart of this new exploration, along with the research on patterns, shapes and their layout, in a constant bidimensional space.
The snail collection
Designer: Thérèse-Marie Rossi
På lager: April 2018




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