Lewis & Irene

were two very special people. They inspired not only the name of our company but as parents and grandparents, they threaded love through three generations of family. They would have been so proud to see our fabrics across the world.

Created by Jackie, Bryan and Hannah in 2013, and with Sales Director Andrew, they bring together many years experience in the textiles, design and luxury brand industries.

Lewis and Irene have a small design team consisting of Jayne, Hannah and Bryan who work very closely together – inspired by their adventures in life and their shared love of nature. A lovely friend and quilt designer, Sally, works with the team on all projects and trade shows.

We are a small, devoted team, made up of extremely passionate individuals, and love nothing more than seeing our designs come to life!

110 cm.
10 meter på rullen (spørg for pris på 5 meter ruller). 
Autumn in Bluebell Wood
Small Things on the Move
The Hedgerow
Farley Mount
Small things on the Farm
Bumbleberries SS18
So darling!
Bee kind
Sew mindful
Hann's House
Love me, love me not
Small things... Mythical & magical
Snow day
Hygge Christmas




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