Titled in honour of a favourite artwork in the Liberty archive dating from the 1890’s,
‘The Hesketh House Collection’ draws inspiration from heritage interior details of an English stately manor.

Decorative Wallpapers, rich woven textiles, carved wooden details and views of the garden inspired the fabric designs.

Traditional motifs and authentic screen-printing techniques are used to create a rich and luxurious House collection.
Signature Liberty designs in fresh, new contemporary colour combinations offer a perfect

accessory for the modern interior.

110 cm wide. 
Harriet's Pansy - Pink /Grey
Harriet's Pansy - Green
Dianthus Dreams - Blue
Dianthus Dreams - Pink / Pale Green
Dianthus Dreams - Dark Green
Cumbrian Vine - Blue
Cumbrian Vine - Grey
Cumbrian Vine - Orange
Fireside - Blue
Fireside - Pink / Green
Fireside -Dark Green
Day Lily - Blue
Day Lily - Grey
Pipers Peacock - Blue
Pipers Peacock - Light Green
Pipers Peacock - Dark Green
Nouveau Mayflower - Blue
Nouveau Mayflower - Grey / Pink
Nouveau Mayflower - Dark Green
Sweet Marigold - Blue
Sweet Marigold - Pink /Light Green
Hesketh - Pale Blue
Hesketh - Pale Green
Hesketh - Pink
Hesketh - Dark Green
Wiltshire Shade - Blue
Wiltshire Shade - Pink
Wiltshire Shade - Dark Green




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