Terms and conditions

Whole sale only

Marienhoffgaarden will require your VAT, BTW, etc. registration number before any sale can be initiated.

Shipment and delivery

Delivery is ab Marienhoffgaarden, Ryomgaard, Denmark.  The addressee pays for the shipment, unless otherwise agreed.  Shipment is by GLS or similar.

Freight to Germany, Holland & Belgium:
5 kilo   €14
10 kilo €16
20 kilo €18
30 kilo €20
Switzerland is €50 each package
Other countries, please send a request.
Larger shipments may require special arrangements, to be agreed upon before shipment.


An invoice is due for payment as indicated on the invoice.  Late payment will cause an interest to be added to the payment due, which presently amounts to 14% p.a. (ca. 1,2% per month) from the start of each month overdue.  We will issue a separate reminder, with added interest and a reminder fee of € 7.00, if payment is overdue.

Return of goods

Marienhoffgaarden will only accept returned goods after prior agreement.

Items ordered specially for a customer will not be taken in return.